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Pizza Tour 1 – Chacarita

La Mezzetta:


 Best Feature: The “Stuffed” Fugazzetta is a tsunami of cheese, onions and oregano!

Located by the famous “5 corners”, the junction of Villa Ortuzar, Colegiales and Chacarita neighborhoods, La Mezzetta is a mandatory stop for walk-ins that enjoy its unbelievable Stuffed Fugazzetta, considered the best in Buenos Aires by many.

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 Best Feature: You can enjoy a slice of “muzza” any time of the day or night.

One of the very few pizzerias in Argentina that opens 24/7 all year round, located at one of the busiest spots in the city.

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Includes: Pickup at your hotel /  1 pizza slice “standing up”  + beverage at La Mezzetta / Half Large Pizza per person (2 kinds) at the table + beverage at Imperio / Ride back to hotel.

Price: USD 70 per person

RESERVAS: Cel / WhatsApp: +5491136924390
RESERVATIONS: Cel / WhatsApp: +5491136924390
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